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Organized and expert around the major themes that run through Window Tint area. This helped me to make the connections between concepts and learn to use knowledge in my favor to get professional growth. Gave me opportunities to practice what I had learned and receive feedback on my performance to ensure knowledge is retained over time and can be applied in different situations. Very detailed and patient, reviewing same situations multiple times until it reaches its goals, learning. It was not just a training, but to actively support me to start-up my own business. Ismail Pereira (Nice Tint) is committed to providing the students with the most professional training support!

...Uilton Oliveira/graduate 


Our Window tinting training program:

At window tinting business school we have a program that's

Hands-on training from seasoned industry expert
Learn to build your own mobile cutting board
Learn to prep, cut and tint sides, and rear windows
Training is done in real life situations in many different sites, teaching not only
tinting techniques, but also business flexibility, adaptability and day to day business management.

Learn how to start your own business with very little investment.

Learn to develop a network of business that will keep you earning for years to come.
Learn the proper techniques for hand-cutting window film
Only one student per class with individualized instruction
Learn proper techniques to avoid bubbling and peeling
Continued follow-up support via phone or email for 3 months after

the course. When you complete the training you will be prepared to either start a local shop, if that's what you want to do, or have your own mobile window tinting business with very little, to no overhead.


​​Our technique is very

simple and straightforward, once you learn what we will teach you, you will become really independent: No plotter, No shop, no overhead.

All you will need is a
couple of rolls of film a few squeegees, a cutting board and a good attitude to
run a very successful mobile window tinting business.

You can make as much as $3,200 a week working only 40 hours a week.

It’s common for an auto window tint installer to earn as much as $80 per hour, that number is even higher for flat glass tinting. So you can make over $100,000.00 a year without a major investment.

Only $2,000.00 for the Window tinting training course, + some tools + some film, and you will be ready to start your own window tinting business.




OUR technique

​​​​Looking for a window tint

installer and instructor that you can learn from? Look no further! I am the window tint application teacher at Window tinting Business School in Somerset.
I am the most friendly and knowledgeable
auto window tint instructor in the area.  At Window tinting Business School we have a window tinting training  program that will prepare you for a career of success and big profits. Window tinting business school is here to change your life. At Window tinting business School we know how much it takes to succeed, because we've done it.

Our success can be multiplied many times over, so you can be next.


OUR experience

Window Tinting Business School


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