Dear Ismail,   Thank you for all you gave me during these 7 days Window Tinting training.  I would like to acknowledge that I received a great teaching from Ismail.   I came to him not knowing how to do a thing about this window tinting business, and gave me all I should know in order to do window tinting. Another interesting factor worth mentioning is that he gave me all the tips in order to avoid potential mistakes and whenever I face any difficulty I remember my teacher’s advice and I can overcome it.  I strongly recommend anyone looking to learn how do tint a car to come to Ismail and I assure you that by the end of your training you will feel empowered to do it and to start your own business.    Wish you all the best Damivan  Santos/graduate 

Window Tinting Business School


69 Desmond Ave Somerset MA 02726 US

We’ll to start of Ismail’s techniques are very unique and very useful, easy and simple. I like the way he teaches, very patient, cool, and fun to deal with. It seems as he is having a good time all the time. One of the things that I liked the most is that if we don’t do the right things right he makes as do it all over again, over and over again, until we can demonstrate full understanding and proficiency on whatever step we are working on. He divided the whole process in several easy to learn steps, and that made my life much easier. My goal in this career is to be like him in the future. Enjoy what I do and have fun doing it! 

...Abner Garcia/graduate

Organized and expert around the major themes that run through Window Tint area. This helped me to make the connections between concepts and learn to use knowledge in my favor to get professional growth. Gave me opportunities to practice what I had learned and receive feedback on my performance to ensure knowledge is retained over time and can be applied in different situations. Very detailed and patient, reviewing same situations multiple times until it reaches its goals, learning. It was not just a training, but to actively support me to start-up my own business. Ismail Pereira (Nice Tint) is committed to providing the students with the most professional training support!

...Uilton Oliveira/graduate .